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Seek out financial advice

Once you have a guide as to how much you are likely to achieve, depending on your financial needs, the next step will be to look into your finances for any onward purchase. How much mortgage will I need? How much will it cost me monthly? Any forward purchase will depend on the outcome of these first 2 steps, so it is vitally important to collate all the facts before marketing your home.

Prepare to market

Now you have all the information you need to bring the property to the market. Whilst your preparation for marketing is taking place, Bychoice can be preparing the property particulars, ordering the energy performance certificate, creating the floor plans and the virtual tour. For you as the seller, showing your home as best you can is important. If you have any small jobs you wish to finish before marketing, get them done. Prepare your home for viewings as best you can, first impressions do count.

Are you happy?

Sounds like an odd question maybe, but we at Bychoice are very keen to make sure you are happy at all stages as we are both working towards the same thing, selling your home. Are you happy with the photos? Is there anything you would like us to re-word in the description for your house? Make sure that it you have any concerns you let us know, any questions, give us a call, we will happily go through as much or as little as you want us to.

Listen to the agent

As agents, we are constantly looking to provide you with honest feedback, not just from viewers, but from the market as a whole. With the internet playing a vital tool in the sale of homes, we can accurately track how many people are looking at your property, how the interest in your property compares to other properties we have on our books and what needs to be done to improve the number of buyers coming through your door, if necessary. Sometimes even just adjusting the order of the photos has resulted in a sale.


Legal completion can take place at any time of the date agreed to move, from 9.30am to 5pm. Make sure that you are ready to move for the earlier time, again this will avoid any undue stress in the final leg of your move.

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