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Sudbury Office

Sudbury Office

Why use us? That is a very good question! It can be difficult to choose the right agent for the sale of your home. All agents on the outside look similar, bright High Street Offices filled with smart estate agents only too keen to help! The differences are not always obvious.


We pride ourselves on working with our clients to understand the property market and help them achieve their dream move.

Meet The Team

Our staff have a youthful energy but behind this is many years of experience dealing with thousands of sales between them.

Between the directors and sales staff, there is over 65 years of dealing with property which provides the back bone to the company.

We have put our extensive experience to good use and created a marketing package second to none and constantly work on our costumer journey to make the process as comfortable as possible. We are constantly looking to improve things. From the introduction of video to market your home, to working with the National Association of Estate Agents to raise the bar when it comes to our service and relationships with our clients.

Where your buyers come from

Where your buyers come from

Located on the Essex/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire borders, we are perfectly placed for the London or Cambridge commuter making Sudbury ideal for fulltime, flexible or part-time city working. This places our local area in a prime location to attract buyers from those areas, where prices are traditionally higher. We work with these buyers to ensure you get the best price for your home.

There is a very active local market of buyers too. With a very mixed demographic in our towns and villages, we see people moving for schools, moving to be nearer amenities or town/village centres, moving out in to more rural settings and many other reasons. We work with clients locally, sometimes for a number of years to find their next home.

What Makes Us Stand Out

In the last few years, the use of video for all types of businesses has exploded and according to Rightmove, properties with videos receive up to 30% more interest in them than without.

As one of very few agents locally making the most of the very important tool we agree and we know that buyers who live out of the immediate area are reluctant to drive to see one home, but with the addition of a video presentation of your home, they are more likely to.

We have seen a massive upturn in the number of buyers registering for property updates from our website, which can only be good for our sellers.

All Part Of The Service

Portal Coverage

Portal Coverage

With 90% of buyers using the property portals at the start of their search, making sure your property is seen is very important. We use the top 2 portals for unique searches, Rightmove and Onthemarket to maximise interest at this stage.

Active Database

Active Database

With our 3 High Street offices carefully located through West Suffolk, we regularly have clients asking for our help and register their details with us. This database is regularly kept updated and some of our best buyers come direct from a phone call from the local branch.

Social Media

Social Media

We invest a great deal of time and energy to make sure your property is presented exceptionally well. Our following on Facebook And Instagram means thousands more potential buyers can see your home. We have found this a vital source of quality buyers over the last few years.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Qualified & Experienced Staff

We believe that working with qualified, knowledgeable staff is something that should be the minimum you would expect from an estate agent, however you do not have to be qualified to be an estate agent. We work with all our staff to make sure they reach industry qualifications as soon as they are able. The National Association of Estate agents work closely with government bodies to help regulate property sector nationwide.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is the highest level of regulation an estate agency business can achieve and we take pride fact that we work to the stringent standards it takes to be RICS regulated.

We look after you

Offer Qualification

With the industry norm being 1 in 3 sales fall through during the sale or purchase, making sure the sale agreed is a good one is vitally important.


We carefully look into any offers made. Checking the financial position of the buyer, checking the position of any related sales all to hopefully avoid issues going forward.

Sales Progression

Possibly the most important part of the sale is making sure that when you find the buyer, the sale progresses to a successful conclusion.


From the point of agreeing a sale, we work with lenders, surveyors, clients, conveyancers and other agents to make the process as stress free as possible. We are always on hand for advice and a conversation.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the centre of everything we do. We won’t always get things right every time however, we work hard to minimise issues and are constantly learning how to improve the service we offer.


We are firm believers in recommendations and often work with clients on subsequent sales.

In Summary

In Summary

We would be delighted to received your instructions and believe with our experience, drive and passion we will help you achieve your move.