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Has my land got potential?

Has my land got potential?

Whether you own a large garden or land that could be combined with neighbours, commercial premises or strategic land on the ‘edge of a town or village’, there are many options open to you and our experts can help unlock any hidden value.

When it comes to value, the best returns are typically achieved by obtaining planning permission to build. This can be challenging and often requires experience, technical knowledge and a great deal of tenacity.

This is just one of the areas we can help.

I’ve applied for planning consent

You may have ideas on how you wish to proceed once you have been granted planning consent, however we still think it will be beneficial for you to speak to us. We are recognised as leading land and development experts in the area. We can provide development consultancy advice, including pricing and market research, in readiness for when you obtain planning. You may be reviewing whether you will ultimately develop the site or perhaps consider selling the land. It’s worth bearing in mind that many house builders will work in partnership with landowners to ensure that a planning application is one that, once approved, will appeal to them and ultimately the end user.

I’ve had planning refused

There are various options if you have a planning application refused. In fact it is not unusual, a high proportion of planning applications are refused the first time.

A planning appeal might seem like the most obvious course of action, but very often a refusal notice will give you all you need to know to overcome the planning objections. Please call us to discuss, we will be there to advise on how to deal with the most pressing issues, reappraise the scheme, and perhaps help you find a buyer who will take on the challenge of getting the consent themselves.

Alternatively, you may find yourself working in collaboration with a potential buyer on the basis that, once the planning application is granted, they’ll proceed with the purchase.

I’ve had planning approved

Your perseverance has paid off and now is the perfect time to review your options. You have an asset which is hugely valuable and appealing to many house builders, developers, or self-builders who typically don’t have the time and resources to speculate on buying land on a ‘subject to planning’ basis.

You are now in a very strong position; it is time re-evaluate and decide the most suitable option to fulfil your needs.

We will guide you

Once armed with all this information you will be able to decide confidently either to build the scheme yourself or to sell the site with planning. We will be available to guide you through this process and happy to spend as much time as necessary to ensure you come to the right decision for you.

If you decide to sell the land, we have a work with a wide range of developers and house builders to ensure you achieve the maximum price possible.

Alternatively, you decide to build the houses, we will be able to assist you with dedicated sales teams, 3 local offices and an in-house marketing team. We can provide a staged marketing schedule in readiness for a successful release to the market.

My site’s under construction

Working in the area since 2004, we have built a reputation based on tried and tested values of great service, coupled with local knowledge and expertise. We are proud to be recognised as one of Suffolk’s leading property professionals and our experienced teams are on hand to help at every stage. Our years in the industry are a testimony to our success, but that is not to say we are rooted in the past. We employ industry-leading techniques, on-the-ground insight and innovative technology.

Bychoice land and new homes is dedicated to offering a bespoke service, coupling our estate agency team with the support of a new homes department offering a marketing function that has allowed us to dominate the local new homes market.

We have built successful relationships with numerous clients, bringing sites to the market that range from individual builds to large phased developments. Our service that is flexible and dynamic allowing a tailored service to each home builder and, most importantly, each development.

Achieve the best GDV

We understand that selling new homes requires a completely different approach to traditional estate agency and appreciate that employing an agent on site needs to represent value, which is why we are more successful at selling new homes than any other estate agent within the areas we work. Combining our marketing expertise with our dedicated sales team allows us to drive sales rates and achieve the best GDV.

We know that using an agent allows you to access the largest pool of buyers. Zoopla New Homes Survey 2019 reported that just 25% of buyers surveyed were looking solely at new homes. We increase sales levels by approaching the remaining 75% and upsell the huge range of benefits to buying a new home.

Marketing Experts

Marketing Experts

We employ a number of sales techniques and practical changes that integrate the estate agency staff with our new homes sales team to yield exceptional sales results.

We can take care of everything for you, from creating a brand identity for your development to designing a suite of the sales tools and marketing material for the site; such as CGIs, site signage, brochures, visual specification, and samples suite.

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